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parks in boston 05/01/2019

3 Places to Visit for Greenery in the City

    It’s exciting, it’s busy, it’s Boston! Our great city is perhaps one of the best places to live in the U.S. and for good reason. But, sometimes an escape from city life is essential. Thankfully, there are a plethora of awesome parks nearby Waterside Place that will help refresh your mind, body and... Read more >

boston smoothie shops 04/09/2019

Grab Smoothies at These Boston Smoothie Shops Near Waterside Place

Whether you’re on a health kick at the moment or just enjoy that perfect blend of fresh fruit, smoothies are always a great snack or meal to incorporate into your diet. Living at Waterside Place puts you in close proximity to a number of Boston’s best smoothie and juice venues. Grab smoothies at these Boston... Read more >

soap_bubble_439103_640_640.jpg 09/28/2018

Take the Kids for a Fun, Educational Outing at the Boston Children’s Museum

No matter the age or interests of the kids in your life, the Boston Children’s Museum can be your wintertime destination to ward off cabin fever. There are days upon days of activities to enjoy, and they are just as educational as they are fun. Check out the art studio, build something epic in the... Read more >

Rudder_85.jpg 09/12/2018

Drink in the City Sunset With Boston Harbor Cruises

Not far from the bustling seaside city of Boston, there's a quiet haven where dolphins, whales, and seabirds live and play. It's called the Stellwagen Bank Marine Sanctuary. Humpback, finback, minke, pilot, and endangered right whales have all been spotted at the sanctuary. That's why Boston Harbor Cruises routinely takes its guests here to do... Read more >

yoga_2662237_640_640.jpg 08/21/2018

Enjoy Free Yoga and Outdoor Movies at The Boston Common Frog Pond

The Boston Common Frog Pond resides right in the middle of Bostom Common, the country's oldest public park. Beyond being the nation's longest-living park, it's also a hub for activity. Head to the pond and the surrounding parklands for some fresh-air fun now through the beginning of autumn. For instance, every Thursday from 6 to... Read more >

bar_209148_640_640.jpg 08/07/2018

Grab a Pint at Newly Opened Remnant Brewing

On a warm and sunny day in Union Square, Remnant Brewing cranks open its glass-paned garage door and the revelry spills out into the courtyard, where it’s set up a few tables and chair for beer-tasting. Since the brewery debuted eight weeks ago, it has experienced plenty of warm Somerville days—much to the delight of... Read more >

beer_926287_640_640.jpg 07/26/2018

Take One of the Boston Brew Tours by City Brew Tours

Given Boston’s history, it’s perhaps no surprise that the city has had an important role in the craft beer revolution of the last 25 years, and perhaps the best way to experience that history is through a brewery tour of the city. The popular company City Brew Tours will handle everything — the logistics, the... Read more >

8637857329_1cf299dcb5_z_640.jpg 07/11/2018

Don’t Miss the “Lightning!” Show at the Museum of Science

Chances are that, somewhere over the course of your science education, you played with a Van De Graaf generator to learn about static electricity. They're typically smaller than a soccer ball and make your hair stand on end by generating static. But you've definitely never seen a Van de Graaf like the one that lives... Read more >

aloe_1005391_640_640.jpg 06/30/2018

Templeton General: Find Quality Home Decor Near Waterside Place

Inspired by the old-fashioned country general store in her central Massachusetts hometown, Laura Sabolefski opened Templeton General in Boston in 2014. While the original general store was a place to pick up seeds, staples, and other supplies needed to run farms and households in the countryside, today Sabolefski's Templeton General focuses on beautiful housewares, home... Read more >

travis_yewell_500717_640.jpg 06/12/2018

Savor Gourmet Seafood at Moon Bar

Whether you have a few hours to sit down and savor dinner or mere minutes to pick something up and head home, Moon Bar can accommodate you. The eatery is part formal dining room and bar, part walk-up window. Cusser's Takeout Window doles out eats quickly, like the roast beef sandwich and the lobster roll.... Read more >

Amazing_Orange__26_Almond_Birthday_Cake__4_67.jpg 05/31/2018

Try the Boston Cream Pie Banana Pudding at Magnolia Bakery

Magnolia Bakery boasts locations across the nation and around the world, all stemming from its original (and iconic) NYC branch, but each offshoot boasts its own signature dessert. For the location in Faneuil Hall Marketplace, it's the Boston Cream Pie Banana Pudding. Customers praise the lavish treat, which showcases vanilla pudding, vanilla wafers, bananas, and... Read more >

coffee_1340550_640_640.jpg 05/23/2018

The Boston Tea Party Ships and Museum Commemorates a Historic Moment

The Boston Tea Party went down in history because it essentially served as the spark that set the American Revolution ablaze. You can learn all about that fateful event when you take a tour of the Boston Tea Party Ships and Museum. In fact, you can even be a part of it. The Boston Tea... Read more >

coffee_471166_640_640.jpg 04/27/2018

Fuel Up for Your Weekend With Brunch at Row 34

Blueberry griddlecakes capped with mascarpone and drizzled with vanilla-maple syrup. Cider-steamed mussels swimming in scallion butter with leeks. Hangtown fry toast topped with crispy oysters and spicy Piri-Piri pepper. The brunch menu at Row 34 may be small, but the innovative nature of its eats more than make up for the brevity. The food isn't... Read more >

people_2568410_640_640.jpg 03/30/2018

Take Your Practice to the Air at South Boston Yoga

Anyone who thinks that yoga isn't really a challenging workout has clearly never been to an aerial yoga class at South Boston Yoga. Instead of flowing through Vinyasa on the mat, practitioners lean into a fabric loop hanging from the ceiling. The hammock supports yogis as they move quickly through poses and inversions that would... Read more >

Roll_Up_Yoga_Mat_on_a_White_Background_63_640.jpg 03/06/2018

Find Your Inner Peace at Radiant Yoga Boston

If you like that exhausted, accomplished feeling that washes over you after a challenging workout, Radiant Yoga Boston promises plenty of opportunities to achieve it. Its packed schedule encompasses many grueling hot yoga classes, as well as slower sessions that bring the relaxation. Whether you're new to the practice or a seasoned yogi, you'll find... Read more >

Jellyfish_94_640.jpg 02/27/2018

Take the Kids to Check Out the New England Aquarium

It’s always a plus to have quality attractions close to home, but when a place like the New England Aquarium comes along, it’s a game-changer. Not only is the New England Aquarium renowned for its programs and exhibits, but it’s also a leader in the field of marine animal conservation and ocean exploration. The exhibits... Read more >

You Can’t Go Wrong with a Cannoli From Mike’s Pastry

Michael Mercogliano first introduced Bostonians to the authentic Italian cannoli, as crafted by his family, in 1946. Now, more than 70 years later, that simple cannoli has propelled his humble family shop to international stardom. People come from far and wide to try the signature cannoli and other signature Italian treats at Mike's Pastry. Get... Read more >

Enjoy Authentic Italian Fare at Casalinga

Casalinga Italian eatery celebrates the simplicity of Italian food in the best possible way. Their homemade food and family-style preparations add an extra dose of authenticity to their dishes. You will also appreciate the clean, open atmosphere with quick and friendly service, whether you eat in or carry out. Enjoy favorites like pasta dishes, hearty... Read more >

Pick Up Fresh Meats at Harry’s Cheese and Cold Cuts

If you’re still getting your cheese and cold cuts from the supermarket, it's time to consider a much fresher and more affordable option. Harry’s Cheese and Cold Cuts carries an extensive selection of products that you won’t find in many other delis or stores, all at unbeatable prices. Stop in for freshly sliced meats and... Read more >

fireworks_2223570_640_640.jpg 01/11/2018

Celebrate New Year’s Eve in a Family-Friendly Atmosphere at First Night 2018

Over four decades ago, the city of Boston pioneered the idea of a family-friendly, alcohol-free New Year’s celebration of arts, music, and culture that would be free and open to the public. It was dubbed “First Night,” and the idea has since spread across the country. This year’s celebration, the city’s 41st, promises to be... Read more >

Raise a Glass at the New Year’s Eve Party at Bully Distillers

When New Year's Eve rolls around, you typically have three options: Go to a party at a friend's place, pay an outrageous cover fee and fight your way to and from the bar at a club, or curl up on the couch and watch the ball drop. The New Year's Eve Party at Bully Distillers... Read more >

egg_1615790_640_640.jpg 11/28/2017

Grab a Sandwich for Vegans or Meat-Lovers Alike at Mike & Patty’s

Mike & Patty’s sticks to one specialty, and that's the art of the sandwich. One taste of these perfectly portable meals will have you hooked. The menu consists of about 10 sandwich creations appropriate for breakfast or lunch. There are plenty of options with fried eggs, or you can get a grilled cheese (vegan or... Read more >

louis_vuitton_2628969_640_640.jpg 11/28/2017

Find Luxury Gifts This Holiday at Copley Place

Located in the heart of the Back Bay, Copley Place is a destination for customers interested in high-end shopping along with the convenience of a mall-style setting. While Boston certainly has plenty of boutiques and shops, regulars at Copley Place say they appreciate having everything all under one roof, especially during the long New England... Read more >

DSC01752.jpg_49.jpg 10/24/2017

Take in the Breathtaking Views Over Dinner at Mastro’s Ocean Club

Mastro’s restaurants are known for their fine dining experiences, and newly opened Mastro’s Ocean Club is no exception. Fan Pier Boulevard creates the perfect backdrop for the restaurant’s exquisite dining room and patio seating, with breathtaking views of the water from any seat in the house. The menu is focused on a variety of fresh... Read more >

DSC01752.jpg_49.jpg 10/11/2017

Love Seafood? Make a Reservation at Row 34

For the seafood lover, Row 34 is an essential dining destination. A wide variety of oysters are offered at the restaurant’s acclaimed raw bar, as well as the signature (and very shareable) Shellfish Tower. The menu features many enticing dishes of underwater fare, including the crowd-pleasing Roasted Bluefish with Summer Vegetables, Harissa, and Yogurt. Ethel’s... Read more >

What_did_one_coffee_say_to_the_other_coffee_3F_.Where_ya_bean_3F_70_640.jpg 09/20/2017

Polcari’s Coffee: Bostonians’ Go-To Spot for Old World Spices, Herbs and Other Dry Goods

Polcari's Coffee was a labor of love for Anthony Polcari. He came to Boston from Italy at the ripe young age of 20, and toiled away as a pocket-maker for a tailor until he had enough money to open Polcari's Coffee in 1932. He established a loyal customer base by always offering the freshest specialty... Read more >

SPORTS_TRAINING._YOGA__28SPORTS_29_75.jpg 09/12/2017

Get Fit and Focused at South Boston Yoga

South Boston Yoga proudly bills itself a "school for balanced health and wellness," and this approach is evident in every class on the schedule. To start with, most classes here welcome students of all skill levels, so whether you're brand new to yoga or are a seasoned yogi, you'll be able to attend whatever class... Read more >

DSC01812.jpg_80_640.jpg 08/18/2017

North Square Oyster Brings Locally Sourced Seafood to the North End

North Square Oyster only opened its doors about two months ago, but it's already gaining buzz among customers. That's thanks to a team that pays close attention to detail, not only when it comes to the food menu, but also in terms of the drink list. The dishes showcase the bounty of New England's waters,... Read more >

beets_1378705_640_640 07/21/2017

Locally Sourced, Plant-Based Dishes Await at Dig Inn

The founders of Dig Inn have set strict guidelines for what constitutes "local food." They consider ingredients local if they've been sourced within 300 miles of the restaurant, and regional if they're from within a 600-mile radius. The kitchen team uses a combination of local and regional foods, harvested from sustainable and responsible farmers and... Read more >

Sushi_Selection_5.jpg 07/19/2017

Sushi and Thai Food Await at Laughing Monk Cafe

Sushi Chef Nick Korboon of Laughing Monk Cafe starts each day the same way: by receiving fresh, seasonal ingredients in his kitchen. Once Chef Nick examines his assortment of produce and edible flowers, he begins brainstorming that day's sushi menu. It can vary from day to day depending on the ingredients he gets in the... Read more >

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