Learn About a Pivotal Moment in American History at the Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum

rope-1149730_640.jpg 05/21/2019

Step back in time when you visit the Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum. This interactive tour is much more than a stroll through a regular museum or a look at a recreated ship; The Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum transports you in time to the pivotal act that started the American Revolution. 

The experience includes a 3D reenactment, an award-winning film, state-of-the-art displays and a hands-on experience simulating the Destruction of the Tea. Visitors don’t just learn about the Boston Tea Party, they relive it. End your visit with a trip to Abigail’s Tea Room for light lunches, baked goods and a taste of the very tea varieties that you pitched overboard. TripAdvisor even named the Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum one of the best family attractions in Boston. Check out the website for details on all of the museum’s unique features, or to book a package that includes the full experience and extras like trolley passes and admission to other Boston attractions.

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