Grab Smoothies at These Boston Smoothie Shops Near Waterside Place

boston smoothie shops 04/09/2019

Whether you’re on a health kick at the moment or just enjoy that perfect blend of fresh fruit, smoothies are always a great snack or meal to incorporate into your diet. Living at Waterside Place puts you in close proximity to a number of Boston’s best smoothie and juice venues. Grab smoothies at these Boston smoothie shops near Waterside Place for a refreshing and delicious snack.

Juice Press

Juice Press’ expansive menu offers made-to-order smoothies, acai bowls, juices and so much more. Their smoothies include a selection of superfoods. Flavors range from keto chocolate to a variety of berry blends, providing something for everyone. Juice Press is an eight-minute walk from Waterside Place.

Squeeze Juice Co.

Order up a custom smoothie at Squeeze Juice Co. Here, you can choose from a menu of smoothie drinks including the veggie-heavy Lean on Green or the chocolate peanut butter Elvis or make a drink of your own by choosing your favorite smoothie ingredients. Squeeze Juice Co. is a four-minute drive or 17-minute walk from Waterside Place.

Kwench Juice Café

Acai bowls, smoothies and juice shots dominate the menu at Kwench Juice Café. Choose between regular and superfood smoothies, depending on what you’re looking for. For those looking for some extra nutrients, consider trying the Beast Mode, a smoothie packed with maca powder, spirulina and raw peanut butter. Or, go with something simple like the Namaste, a kale and apple-based smoothie perfect for refreshing your palate. Top off your order with a juice shot like the lemon ginger boost, which will kickstart your tastebuds and give you some much needed health properties. Kwench Juice Café is an eight-minute drive from Waterside Place.

What’s your favorite warm weather treat? Let us know which Boston smoothie shops you love to visit near Waterside Place.

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