Experience the Kaiseki Style of Japanese Cuisine at Kamakura


Kamakura restaurant specializes in the art of Kaiseki cuisine. Kaiseki is an ancient Japanese tradition of artfully prepared small plates, and it’s likely to be a dining experience unlike any other you’ve ever had. 

The house specialty tasting menu features exquisitely arranged bites of fresh seafood, tender grilled meats, and other seasonal and sustainable ingredients. Each plate explores a different cooking style, textural experience, or marriage of unusual flavors. Upgrade your experience by adding the omakase sushi to your Kaiseki dinner, or other options depending on what special extras the chef has on hand. The dinner is priced according to how unique and special the experience is. At around $150, it is certainly appropriate for a celebratory meal or for the foodies who just have to experience the seasonal gems in Kamakura’s unique style. 

Kamakura is located on State Street, and they have two separate evening time slots to choose from. Contact the restaurant to make your reservation.

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