Tone Your Legs and Abs at Simply Barre

yoga-3053488_640.jpg 11/12/2018

At Simply Barre, working out isn’t about achieving a certain size, it’s about getting stronger and healthier. That’s why the barre technique can be custom-tailored to bodies of all shapes and sizes, regardless of whether you hit the gym daily or haven’t worked out in a while. Its movements are low-impact but high-intensity, so everyone can partake.

This is how a typical class plays out: first, you’ll warm up with a few moves in a standing position, followed by planks or push-ups and some light upper-body lifting. Next, you move to the ballet barre. Use it for support while you work the glutes and thighs until your muscles begin to shake—that’s a sign that you’re doing it right! A mix of mat work and wall work build stronger back and ab muscles to close out the class. Although the exact lineup of exercises changes, you can always expect something similar to this formula, including modifications for most moves. 

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