Grab a Pint at Newly Opened Remnant Brewing

bar_209148_640_640.jpg 08/07/2018

On a warm and sunny day in Union Square, Remnant Brewing cranks open its glass-paned garage door and the revelry spills out into the courtyard, where it’s set up a few tables and chair for beer-tasting. Since the brewery debuted eight weeks ago, it has experienced plenty of warm Somerville days—much to the delight of local beer enthusiasts who’ve already grabbed a pint here.

If you haven’t yet, there’s no time like the present. Head to this new brewery to try one of its signature ales or a pour of local Barrington Coffee. That day’s offerings, both coffee and beer, are displayed on a screen above the light wooden bar. Try the Bow St. Session, the Clip Art Citra, or the Exam Room 2 IPA. The brewery doesn’t serve food, but as part of Bow Market, it invites guests to grab grub from another local vendor and enjoy it with their pint.

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