Don’t Miss the “Lightning!” Show at the Museum of Science

8637857329_1cf299dcb5_z_640.jpg 07/11/2018

Chances are that, somewhere over the course of your science education, you played with a Van De Graaf generator to learn about static electricity. They're typically smaller than a soccer ball and make your hair stand on end by generating static. But you've definitely never seen a Van de Graaf like the one that lives at the Museum of Science—it's the biggest generator of its kind in the world.

Check out the live Lightning! presentation to learn all about how it works and watch as controlled bolts of lightning shoot from its bulbous form. The show is a favorite thing to do at the Museum of Science, but it's far from your only option. From the 4-D movies and IMAX films to the Live Animal Care Center and exhibits like Dinosaurs: Modeling the Mesozoic, the museum explores every corner of science in fun and interactive ways.

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