Savor Gourmet Seafood at Moon Bar

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Whether you have a few hours to sit down and savor dinner or mere minutes to pick something up and head home, Moon Bar can accommodate you. The eatery is part formal dining room and bar, part walk-up window. Cusser's Takeout Window doles out eats quickly, like the roast beef sandwich and the lobster roll. Nearby, in the dining room, the seafood-heavy menu boasts many extra options.

Begin your meal with a snack or two, like the mussel tartine and the corn-and-clam fritters, or a slightly larger starter such as Spanish mackerel poke. For your main course, devour fish tacos stuffed with the beer-battered catch of the day, cabbage slaw, cilantro, red onion pickles, and Thoreau sauce. Try the souvlaki plate with grilled swordfish skewers, veggies, chickpeas, savory yogurt, and pita bread. Take a knife to the petite grilled steak with smoked swordfish butter and fries. They're all on the menu at Moon Bar.

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