Try the Boston Cream Pie Banana Pudding at Magnolia Bakery

Amazing_Orange__26_Almond_Birthday_Cake__4_67.jpg 05/31/2018

Magnolia Bakery boasts locations across the nation and around the world, all stemming from its original (and iconic) NYC branch, but each offshoot boasts its own signature dessert. For the location in Faneuil Hall Marketplace, it's the Boston Cream Pie Banana Pudding. Customers praise the lavish treat, which showcases vanilla pudding, vanilla wafers, bananas, and creamy fudge.

Get to Magnolia Bakery early if you want some of the banana pudding because it tends to sell out. Of course, even if you can't get your hands on the banana pudding, you have lots of other options. The menu encompasses a large list of baked goods, from fresh loaves of hummingbird bread to confetti cakes. Come by in the morning to grab a blueberry crumb muffin or swing by on your lunch break for a German chocolate cupcake.

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