The Boston Tea Party Ships and Museum Commemorates a Historic Moment

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The Boston Tea Party went down in history because it essentially served as the spark that set the American Revolution ablaze. You can learn all about that fateful event when you take a tour of the Boston Tea Party Ships and Museum. In fact, you can even be a part of it.

The Boston Tea Party Ships and Museum tour guide will lead you through exhibits that showcase the friction leading up to the Boston Tea Party, then out onto boats where you can actually reenact the "party." After you learn all about the bravery of the Patriots who dumped the tea on that day many years ago, stop and enjoy a cup at Abigail's Tea Room. The quaint cafe pours the five teas that Bostonians actually dumped in the water, and it also serves up some light bites and lunch dishes to go with them.

Public Domain/Pixabay/magicake
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