Fuel Up for Your Weekend With Brunch at Row 34

coffee_471166_640_640.jpg 04/27/2018

Blueberry griddlecakes capped with mascarpone and drizzled with vanilla-maple syrup. Cider-steamed mussels swimming in scallion butter with leeks. Hangtown fry toast topped with crispy oysters and spicy Piri-Piri pepper. The brunch menu at Row 34 may be small, but the innovative nature of its eats more than make up for the brevity.

The food isn't really the main event at brunch, anyway. That honor goes to the wine list, packed with dozens of sparkling, white, and red wines by the bottle, as well as more than 10 by the glass. Treat yourself to a glass of pinot from France, a glass of white wine from Spain, or a glass of champagne from the south of France. You can also enjoy your bubbles as part of a pomegranate mimosa or skip the booze altogether and go for a mug of Stumptown Coffee instead.

Public Domain/Pixabay/akunnen
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