Take Your Practice to the Air at South Boston Yoga

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Anyone who thinks that yoga isn't really a challenging workout has clearly never been to an aerial yoga class at South Boston Yoga. Instead of flowing through Vinyasa on the mat, practitioners lean into a fabric loop hanging from the ceiling. The hammock supports yogis as they move quickly through poses and inversions that would be impossible on the mat, working up a sweat along the way.

The fun, creative aerial yoga is just one of many offerings at South Boston Yoga. If you're new to the practice. start with 33 Degree Yoga. This is one of the studio's signature classes, and it focuses on the basic postures of yoga, as well as proper alignment. Acoustic Restore is another slow-moving class great for beginners or anyone who really wants to unwind—it's set to live acoustic music from a local artist. When you want to challenge your body, try a Hot Power Yoga class held in a room heated to about 95 degrees. The pace of the class is quick, so it gets yogis sweating in a way that has little to do with the added heat.

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