Find Your Inner Peace at Radiant Yoga Boston

Roll_Up_Yoga_Mat_on_a_White_Background_63_640.jpg 03/06/2018

If you like that exhausted, accomplished feeling that washes over you after a challenging workout, Radiant Yoga Boston promises plenty of opportunities to achieve it. Its packed schedule encompasses many grueling hot yoga classes, as well as slower sessions that bring the relaxation. Whether you're new to the practice or a seasoned yogi, you'll find something that suits you at the studio.

For those who are interested in a challenge, the heated Power Flow should do the trick. It's like the signature Radiant Vinyasa class, which builds strength and endurance with fast-flowing strengthening postures. However, with the addition of heat (about 85 or 90 degrees), the class takes on a new level of difficulty. If you're a novice, come to a Chil Candlelight Restorative session. The class pulls from Yin yoga, which requires practitioners to hold postures for long stretches in order to achieve total relaxation.

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