Love Seafood? Make a Reservation at Row 34

DSC01752.jpg_49.jpg 10/11/2017

For the seafood lover, Row 34 is an essential dining destination. A wide variety of oysters are offered at the restaurant’s acclaimed raw bar, as well as the signature (and very shareable) Shellfish Tower. The menu features many enticing dishes of underwater fare, including the crowd-pleasing Roasted Bluefish with Summer Vegetables, Harissa, and Yogurt. Ethel’s Creamy Lobster Roll stands out as a mouth-watering shellfish option. For the meat and potato crowd, the Flat Iron Steak in Red Wine Sauce is a Row 34 imperative.

Food aside, Row 34 also features an extensive wine and beer menu. Catering to the drink connoisseur, an array of choices are available for all tastes and preferences. Whether you are dining or drinking (or both), your experience will surely be enhanced by the gorgeous contemporary decor and friendly, attentive staff. When the weather is pleasant, many patrons choose to enjoy their evening in the patio dining area, with a nice view of the waterfront.

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