North Square Oyster Brings Locally Sourced Seafood to the North End

DSC01812.jpg_80_640.jpg 08/18/2017

North Square Oyster only opened its doors about two months ago, but it's already gaining buzz among customers. That's thanks to a team that pays close attention to detail, not only when it comes to the food menu, but also in terms of the drink list. The dishes showcase the bounty of New England's waters, and the libations are a mix of beers and ciders from Massachusetts and spirits from the region.

Start your meal with some locally sourced Crudo, like the sea urchin (if you're adventurous) or the black bass (if you're not). Then move on to the main course, perhaps a classic New England lobster roll served hot or cold, or lobster bolognese over house-crafted rigatoni. Salmon, cod, and NY strip steak are all on the list of entrees, as well. If you can't pick just one type of seafood, opt for the seafood stew. It teems with clams, oysters, shrimp, mussels, and potatoes, all swimming in a paprika-infused broth.

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