Sushi and Thai Food Await at Laughing Monk Cafe

Sushi_Selection_5.jpg 07/19/2017

Sushi Chef Nick Korboon of Laughing Monk Cafe starts each day the same way: by receiving fresh, seasonal ingredients in his kitchen. Once Chef Nick examines his assortment of produce and edible flowers, he begins brainstorming that day's sushi menu. It can vary from day to day depending on the ingredients he gets in the morning.

As Chef Nick works behind the sushi bar, Chef Dacha, a native of Thailand, takes the lead in the kitchen. He crafts contemporary Thai food that matches the inventive sushi. If it's available, try the Fujihama Roll, packed with cooked shrimp, cucumber, avocado, and cream cheese on the inside, then crowned with baked spicy cheese and sesame sauce. Pair it with a Thai entree such as the Mango Curry Chicken with snow peas, onion, and bell pepper.

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