Locally Sourced, Plant-Based Dishes Await at Dig Inn

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The founders of Dig Inn have set strict guidelines for what constitutes "local food." They consider ingredients local if they've been sourced within 300 miles of the restaurant, and regional if they're from within a 600-mile radius. The kitchen team uses a combination of local and regional foods, harvested from sustainable and responsible farmers and purveyors, to craft their veggie-heavy dishes.

Build your own market bowl from these fresh ingredients, starting with your choice of protein. Herb-grilled steak, charred chicken, wild sockeye salmon, herb-roasted chicken, Happy Valley meatballs, or organic tofu are among your options. You can also skip the protein and just go for an extra serving of avocado, sweet potato, and greens. Once you've selected your protein, pick a base such as brown rice or salad, add one or two fixings, and select a sauce. If you like spice, don't miss Dig Inn's house-made Sriracha sauce.

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