Classes are Held Throughout the Week at Radiant Yoga Boston


Radiant Yoga Boston is a yoga studio located on 2nd street on the East side of South Boston in the historic Distillery Building. Here, the instructors help clients connect their body, mind, and spirits in a healthy way and help them lead a whole-hearted and healthy life.

Inside, the studio is beautiful, with an exposed ceiling and gold pillars in the center of the room. A wide variety of classes are offered at Radiant Yoga, included the Heated Power Flow and Radiant Vinyasa Flow for those looking for a more energetic practice. If you're looking for something more relaxed, try the Chill Candlelight Yin, Inversion 101, and Prenatal yoga classes. The classes times are convenient, and you're sure to find something for anyone with any lifestyle.

You can sign up for classes online via Radiant Yoga’s website.

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