Explore Incredible Underwater Facilities at the New England Aquarium


The New England Aquarium is one of the premier visitor attractions in Boston. The aquarium is located near Long Wharf and is close to Faneuil Hall and the Qunicy Market, and it's home to thousands of aquatic animals.

You can see everything from Northern fur seals to blue penguins here, and the aquarium offers a wide range of exhibits including the largest shark tank on the East Coast, a ray touch tank, and the giant ocean tank – a four-story coral reef featuring hundreds of animals you’ll find in the Caribbean. When you visit the aquarium, you'll also want to be sure to pay Myrtle the green sea turtle a visit. One of the most exciting parts of the aquarium is the behind-the-scenes tour, where you can meet Myrtle and some of her tank mates. You can step out onto a platform where surface feedings take place and can help with a feeding.

The aquarium also has special exhibits which are always rotating. Current special exhibits include the “Tentacles Take Hold” exhibit which features a diversity of species found in the Pacific Northwest, including the giant Pacific octopus, the pacific sea nettle, the red octopus, and more.

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