Experience Unique Asian Favorites Like Ramen and Japanese Crepes at Sakura Sunakku


Diners are raving about the new specialty Japanese food shop, Sakura Sunakku. Featuring ramen, desserts and Asian street food, this is a truly unique gem in the neighborhood. The restaurant itself is cozy, with bench seating that feels appropriate to the street food vibe. Enjoy a piping hot bowl of Sakura ramen, loaded with your choice of pork, eel or beef, as you peruse the expansive dessert menu for your next course.

The crepes here are like nothing you’ve ever scene. Stop in for lunch and try a savory crepe packed with meat and veggies with plenty of options to choose from, like chicken teriyaki, smoked salmon or Japanese sausage. For dessert you might try a sweet, crispy banana crepe or the signature shaved snow, topped with fresh fruit, Boba jelly and topped with a snowflake drizzle. With the menu constantly being updated with new and innovative dining treats, you’ll always find something new to love at Sakura Sunakku.

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