Re-Fuel With Japanese Style Espresso Drinks at Ogawa Coffee


Find an urban oasis at Ogawa Coffee. This is truly a unique coffee shop where artfully crafted beverages and beautifully arranged menu items take center stage, all in a super hip, urban space. Established by coffee artisans from Kyoto, Japan, Ogawa has been dedicated to the pursuit of coffee perfection since 1952. You can tell they take their craft seriously as soon as you walk in to the open, clean shop and smell the intoxicating aroma of their fine coffee.

The coffee menu is straightforward enough, but you can taste the difference in the carefully roasted beans. Sample one of Ogawa's signature cold espressos served in a martini glass and accompanied with a small cappuccino, or go for a classic coffee served piping hot.

Breakfast is served all day and offers simple but delicious items like a ham and cheese croissant, egg plates and moked cream cheese bagels topped with smoked salmon. For lunch you can enjoy tasty sandwiches like Caprese, turkey with cranberry orange cream cheese or a BLTE (bacon, lettuce, tomato and egg). The tables here fill up fast, but there is cool stadium seating available along one wall that offers an interesting option to lounge with friends or just watch the baristas below.

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