Discover Stylish, One-of-a-Kind Clothing at Shake the Tree


One of the best reasons to shop at a quirky boutique is to find unique, one-of-a-kind items that you can guarantee no one else will have. If that sounds like your kind of place, head over to Boston's popular Shake the Tree boutique.

This shop offers everything from jewelry to clothing to home decor, and Yelp reviewers say that there is a very extensive selection in all three categories. Stop by to update your wardrobe before jetting off to your next vacation destination, or spend an hour perusing the shop's wares next time you need to find a gift for someone special. Pick up a limited-edition set of candlesticks and a pair of elegant tapers for your mother, or choose a head-turning red gem cocktail ring for that friend whose fashion sense is a little on the edgy side. Be aware that Shake the Tree also periodically hosts special in-store events, so if you time your visit right, you might be able to combine purse shopping with chocolate tasting, or shoe shopping with glass of bubbly prosecco.

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